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Minister Qiu of the Ministry of Justice cares about the livelihood of the farmers, and various correctional institutions are actively purchasing bananas and pineapples to increase the nutrition of the occupants.

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  • Last updated:2019-08-30
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In recent days, domestic bananas and pineapples are growing at a time of significant production volume. The Ministry of Justice’s Minister Qiu indicated that the Office of Corrections should initiate a promotional procurement mechanism. All correctional agencies are invited to purchase aggressively to increase the nutrition of custodians; statistics are within a week (May 30). By June 8th, the promotion results were significant, with 42 tons of bananas and 27 metric tons of pineapples, both stabilizing the production and sales of domestic agricultural products and protecting the income of farmers, and the Correctional Administration will continue to urge the correction agencies to cooperate with them. The Department of Corrections used 51 access roads of the correctional institutions' custodians to proactively procure enthusiasm for purchases from various correctional agencies during the harvest of various agricultural products. So far this year, it has assisted in promoting the production of agricultural products such as pomelo, orange and onion, etc. up to 101 metric tons. , play a role in stabilizing the balance between supply and marketing; at the same time, it enhances the essential significance of the food quality of custodians, provides a variety of choices for custodians, and eats healthily and at ease. It also enables the reception body to remain in correctional institutions and can still do a good job for social welfare.
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