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The goal of rehabilitation counseling is to rouse inmates conscience and abilities. to develop a law-abiding spirit, and to rebuild a complete and proper moral character such that the inmates,upon release, can follow social rules and adapt to life in society.

Rehabilitation includes using various literary and cultural activities and resources from charitable and religious groups to administer life counseling and opportunity teachings to raise the moral and intellectual capacities of the inmates.

Social resources are widely applied to fortify the rehabilitation counseling. Cultural activities, book clubs, and guidance from professionals aim to cultivate inmates reading habits and to purify their minds and spirits. Professionals are invited every month to provide an education in law and psychological counseling; inmates are encouraged to write, and assist in applying for appeal counseling and poverty assistance.

To carry out rehabilitation and education for short-term detention juvenile delinquents, teachers and students from National Hsinchu Teacher College have been asked to put together a short-term course and activities to effectively guide these detained youths in their behavior and studies.

Discipline officers or pride instructors interview inmates privately during admittance to understand details of inmate's legal case, family background, and emotional state. Group and religious counseling is conducted one to two times every week.


photo--religious teaching

Photo--Religious Teaching

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Photo--performances of California young Mission

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